Monday, February 06, 2012

Things I'm really into right now

Grimes. Her music is hypnotic and I'm obsessed with this song. Haven't actually watched the vid yet but play it all the time...

ehhh.....GLASS STRAWS. I dont know why. I saw this and I wanted one instantly. I don't even use straws very often but I just think they are COOL

Marian Keyes wrote on her site again after a two year absence and apparently she's almost finished her new book. I can't bloody wait!

I love this woman. She makes the most amazing and funny cartoons here and a monthly podcast which I have started listening to and would highly recommend.

Also, this lady Lisa Hanawalt who does hilarious illustrated recaps of films. She's brilliant.

This lady's blog Hey, Stop It aka

Lastly, my friend Katie and her friend Lisa have set up a new blog Handsome & Pretty which looks like it will get veerrrry inteerrrestssting. And I'm going to Belfast on Wed to visit Katie and her kiddles and I can't wait!

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