Monday, February 06, 2012

I trying not to spend money at the moment. I don't have any to spend anyway, but Nathan got us flights to New York for my birthday and I need to get some cash together for the trip in March. So, this weekend's highlights included

Watching The Forsyth Saga in bed on Saturday morning and having tea brought to me.

Drinking but not getting drunk. Went out for my friend's 30th and had a couple of Proseccos and 3 bottles of Coors Light. This was weird for me because I'm not a big beer drinker but unless I'm broke and I would only buy pints usually, under the logic was more beer, cheaper = better. Even though I don't really like the taste that much and hate the way it goes flat near the end. So I felt very la-di-dah ladylike for choosing smaller doses of alcohol for a nicer drink.

Making Beef Stew for the first time. Nice.

Walking here yesterday. Drove up, singing very loud in my car and just decided to pull over and walk the bog road. It was cold and damp but not raining and there were big frozen puddles. I passed one couple, a man and his dog and the solitude was great. I thought it might make a brilliant place to run one day. I love when there's nobody around for miles except the sky and the hills and you walk for 10 mins and then realise you have been completely immersed in daydreams. There's no time like it.

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