Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lady Huffinpuff

One of my "hobbies" is huffing. stuff that smells amazing.

If I find something I like I get a bit obsessed. The problem is, most of the best smelling stuff is the most expensive! So I spend a lot of time online-coveting and dousing myself in luxury perfumes in shops. Here are my smelly obsessions:

I tried on Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache perfume and hours later, my nose was still glued to my wrist. I just didn't want to stop smelling it! So it's almost TOO good if you know what I mean? The perfume is really expensive, about €60 so I bought the (still expensive) hand lotion for about €19 and reapplied it about 50 times a day until I ran out.

Korres Thyme Honey hand lotion is deeeeelishous too and actually a better hand cream than the Laura Mercier. I love honey-smelling anything. So wholesome and pure whilst decadent and sweet. It's made with actual honey, not just perfume and it's mouthwatering. It was about €8 in Harvey Nichols.

Scented candles. But not just any old Yankee shit: Neom Candles. I got one as a present last year and I've been buying them pretty regularly since. They are €16 in Brown Thomas which seems like a lot for a little candle but they last for ages and are all natural - don't smell synthetic at all. My favourites are the Serenity (Vanilla and Sandalwood) and Refresh (Sicilian Lemon and Basil). You can actually get a whiff of them when they're unlit sometimes.

Bobbi Brown Beach perfume. It smells like this mixture of coconut and gardenia and suntan lotion and the seaside. It might be my favourite smell ever and I covet anything with this scent. It began with Ambre Solaire sun lotion - they started making high SPF oils last year and I fucking love them. I noticed "monoi" on the label, and so began my obsession. Elemis Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt is high on the list.

So. Yeah. That's what this post is about. Smelly stuff.

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