Tuesday, October 04, 2011

taking care of bidness

As you all (hahahhaa) can see, I am not much of a committed blogger. I've been busy and really, trying to write in an offline, private diary for myself. Even though there's nobody much reading here, scribbling in a journal is so different. Nobody else will read it. And that means I can write the MOST embarrassing, fleeting, dramatic, cheesy thoughts and feelings in it. 

Our living room was flooded on Saturday. Now we are living on a damp concrete floor. It's not the worst, nothing was damaged. I keep threatening Nathan with going the whole minimalist hog - concrete floors, exposed brick walls, lots of chrome and glass. Yeah right, I am way too hoardy to be minimal. 

Work colleagues just pointed out that's three things this summer: car crash, flat burgled, floor flooded. It sounds  really bad but honestly, it's wasn't. Nobody was hurt in the crash, although my new old car is nowhere near as good as my old old car. I don't have much valuable stuff to steal, although I had cool stuff saved on my ipad. They didn't take my laptop, thankfully, which still has loads of photos I haven't saved to hard drive. Lucky!

And the flooding only damaged the carpet and is a bit of a pain. Gosh I sound so positive I might make myself sick. But I except for throwing a bit of a huff about the state of my nice flat on Saturday, these things haven't really gotten me down. 

I've started jogging and I'm apparently doing a 5k "fun run" on Saturday morning. I'm actually quite proud of myself, that I have been doing it. Actually JOGGING. I mean, I started last month, did it three times a week for oh, a whole two weeks. Then I stopped for a month. But I have jogged 9 times in the last two weeks. I did a run on Sandymount Strand the other night - 3 x 5 minutes. That is huge for me. Sad but true!

And I've been back in weekly therapy. I had a month break, cos I was away and working, but I'm back. I've had quite mixed feelings about it. You know, like, what am I wasting my money for, there's nothing wrong with me, feeling like a greedy spoiled child because I'm paying to talk to someone. Wondering if it's helpful, what the point is? But I'm glad I'm going. It's different from any other relationship, being so intimate and so distant. I'm glad I'm doing it. It's about time. 

This blog post struck chord with me. I'm trying to get  better at avoiding doing things that make me feel shit. Reading more, drinking less, exercising more, being with friends. Cut down on compulsive behaviour (like online window shopping, buying moisturizers and way too much food) and leaving work at the proper time. 

It's good advice. 

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