Monday, March 28, 2011

I am going to Venice on Wednesday morning! I have been really excited about getting to see Venice and wander around on my own. I'm even looking forward to getting up early and flying and all that. I generally love airports and flying...and duty free.

However, I got a bit of a shock when I saw my emails this morning. I'm standing in for my boss and I don't think she fully realised what she was sending me too. I mean, this is a proper conference. With "working groups". Eeep. I actually have to read like a maniac tomorrow so I'll be able to parrot some memorised points about youth and engagement and bla di fucking bla.

All I have in mind is: when do we get to leave each afternoon/ evening? Will I be able to say anything reasonably informed? Or will I be sitting there mute, like a sulky teenager? OR will I get nervy and talk incessant crap? I'm staying here.

Meanwhile, we moved to the flat next door. It came up last week by surprise. It all happened very fast and I managed to get very sentimental and cry twice about our "poor old lonely empty flat". We're moved now into the same but opposite flat, which is bigger (2nd bedroom!) and more modern. I'm so thrilled with little things like look how the cupboards have SHELVES! and there's a light underneath the cupboards! And I can take a shower in the morning with no fuss - I just HOP IN! No getting up at 6 to turn on the immersion! I made dinner last night and we ate dinner at the TABLE, not sitting on the couch craning over a coffee table!

It's all VERY grown up.

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