Monday, February 28, 2011

Good things:
I passed my driving test.
I booked flights to Berlin for Easter weeekend
I had presents ready-to-give to Nathan for his 30th bday last week.
I found a cookbook I really want: At Elizabeth David's Table. Amazing.
My hair is shiny.
I'm taking the 18th of March off so I'm only working a half week that week.
I found something at work that I thought I had lost and was shitting myself and avoiding facing.
I made pancakes and flipped them.
I made delicious soup and fairy cakes and coq au vin recently.
I'm really getting into reading books on my Ipad: YAY it has a use!
I'm on a vitamin buzz to counteract my mountainous mood swings (not sure if this is good)

Bad things:
I can't stop eating biscuits.
I can't stop eating biscuits.
I can't stop eating biscuits.


Lillie said...

Good Things: you live in Ireland and have an endless supply of amazing "biscuits." Send me some.

Wowsers said...

I will and then you'll be sorry!