Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Austere Shoebox

We've been looking for a new place to live. Have you SEEN the shit people rent out to other. Moreover, they don't try to clean most place up for the ad photos. The old fisheye lens is out in force so you can never trust the pictures. And WHAT is with the overuse of 'Buttercup' painted walls and green patterned carpets?

However, I've had my eye on this cosy little place for a while. This is the living / dining room / kitchen:

AND it's a two bed!!

This place also looks charming:

But this one has them beat- it's got a "Caribbean Bar" in the deary garden - LUXURIOUS!

Ok I suppose it has an outdoor heater which is kind of cool.

*Update: I found us one!

This is the cheapest aka saddest "house" in Ireland currently on at €10,000.

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Pure Harte said...

A caribbean bar and an outdoor heater?? Tis a win win. I think the decision is obvious. Caribbean drinks with Irish weather, I can't wait to get invited around.