Monday, January 31, 2011


I'm not the best online buyer. I spend ages agonising over which one to buy; comparing prices and brands and reviews and google images. I love etsy but tend to favourite lots of things and then not buy them. Then the are snapped up and gone forever.

So today I have gone mental on etsy. Well, my measure of "mental" is I bought two pairs of glasses and a blouse. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

I bought these beauties:
And these wacky numbers:
And this is the second piece of clothing I have ever bought online:

Check out the print!!!

Will I look insane?

* Update: I'm returning the glasses. The brown pair were described as "Timmy Mallet-ish" by a friend, and sort of sit out from my face. The green pair are not the colour in that pic and are comically huge.

The blouse wasn't as soft material as I'd hoped but I like it. Still haven't worked out how to tie the bow bit...and haven't worn it yet. In good time!


popps said...

Yes, but all the best people do.

Lillie said...

Sooooo cute! And yes, you will look totally demented.

popps said...

Hey - i want to invite you to do a guest post on my blog - any chance?

Pure Harte said...

Thanks for the link, I quite like the print. It's groovy. I want you to be wearing it next time I see you.

Wowsers said...

Popps - sorry I didn't get back to you for so long, I haven't been on the site for ages. I'd like to politely decline from a guest post. My posts are basically braincraps and rants, and though flattered, it would be like homework for me!

popps said...

Polite decline appreciated, even if it's a shame.

It was the braincraps and rants that i was after - you do them then well.

Very well.

But homework - yuk!