Monday, January 17, 2011

Progress Report 2011

Before I commit my 2011 goals (I don't like "resolutions") to virtual paper, I think I should review last year's and give myself a progress report on last years:

1. Exercise More - Did happen for a while, is not happening now. All in all, a fail.

2. Get Some Money - Got some! In the last year I temped, transcribed, had a flea market stall and worked in the cloakroom disco. I have now got a full-time 12 month contract and I still work in the disco.

3. More Productive Internet Usage - Fail.

4. Buy New Glasses - Done. Sat on first new pair, currently looking for 2nd new pair.

5. Become A Well-Groomed Lady - Kind of. I have gotten my nails done twice, which I love and will do again. I dyed my hair AND shaved my legs last week.

6. Save To Travel - A work in progress.

8. Make More Things - I finished my scarf and actually wear it. But otherwise a fail.

9. Frame and Hang Prints - Done.

10. Join a Charity - Em.... i work for one?

11. Be a Better Communicator - Who knows.

12. Wear matching underwear - nope.

1 comment:

popps said...

pretty good on the whole, maybe matching underwear isn't all it's cranked up to be!