Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Its all about the smell of it

Just after reading this article - I'm quite enjoying that site - about random things that have haunted you for years.

A few comments mention teddy guilt. I know this all too well. I have a teddy, his name is Ted. He was give to me when I was born by a neighbour, a girl of about 10 at the time, the daughter Robert Nye. We lived in Kinsale until I was 3, and i don't remember them at all. According to my mum, He was given to her when she was a baby, making him, to my estimation, about 40 years old. I must take a picture of him and post it. I think he got a lot of character.

He has lost all his fur, is a floppy old thing, full of holes. My mum patched him up with my old pyjamas. He has scorch marks from being left too long to dry on the radiator. I leave him in my parents house now because he too delicate to bring out. I'm afraid of him disintegrating. He sits in my room and I often wonder is he ok. When I come in I make sure to give him a big squeeze to compensate for my absence. God I feel so guilty thinking about him now! Poor old Ted. I swear, sometimes I cant look him in the eye.

Sometimes I wonder will I ever grow out of him, and I don't think I will. I have no desire to. My sister has Pinky Ted, a small, hard, faded Care Bear. My boyfriend has Crusher, who lives in his parents house. He rearranges him, making sure Crusher's comfortable whenever he visits. It never struck me as odd or immature or silly, having a Ted as a grown up.

I have a blanket too, Blanky, who lives under the pillow in my old room. I like to wrap Blanky around my neck and face when I'm feeling sick or especially shit. Ok, maybe having a Blanky is weird for a woman of 29. Maybe. But two of my friends have them too!

One has a tiny treasured shred of her baby blanket which is called Clonquer pronounced clonker (she's French). When she's watching tv or whatever, she snuggles it against her face aka "clonking". From the verb "to clonk".

Another good friend wears a revolting old flannel turquoise dressing gown around the house in the evenings. It's completely falling apart, with massive holes that she fits her arms through, like a web of comfort. Se has worn this and variations of it, since I have known her, since age 11.

Maybe I'm just surrounded by freaks.

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Lillie said...

I have a woody woodpecker doll hanging out creepily in my closet that I occasionally sit on my lap while I watch TV.

Also? "To clonk" sounds DIRTY.