Thursday, September 09, 2010

Back to Plan B

I've decided to stop staying with Nathan so much. I've been basically living there, when I don't really, officially, live there.

When we broke up last year and I moved out, I, of course, took all my stuff with me. That included my cooking implements, pictures, bed linen. My home stuff. It's all jammed in my parents house and under what used to be my sister's bed and in her old wardrobe.

I've decided to live in reality, with my parents. I'm doing this so that I follow my original plan, which was to live at home in order to motivate me to move out. It's not so bad anyway.

My helpful friend says she'll help me with a job application. My dream job has come up. It's a communications role with a state funded multi-discipline arts place in town. Doesn't sound like much maybe, but to me, it would be perfect. I really, really want it.

And I'm considering lying on my CV for the first time and awarding myself an imaginary degree. A generic arts degree from UCD, the largest university in Ireland. There are just so many applicants these days it seems impossible to get your CV even considered without a degree.

Thinking, thinking, thinking.


popps said...

Degrees aren't everything, but your CV is and you yourself is even more.

Anonymous said...

I've always believed that but it seems now I need one to get my foot in the door!

popps said...

I don't know (i don't know anything) but lying looks like a bad idea - especially when you have so much- try thinking out of the box?
Maybe there are ways that no one has thought of to get them to look at YOUR cv?
I had a friend who used to add an origami animal to every envelope he sent out (he was good at making them) - it got people's interest.