Thursday, August 05, 2010

minute by minute

I went to Dingle for the long weekend, spent a lot of money and had a great time.

  • Ruth drove us down. Six and a half hours later, I discovered my limit for Prince.
  • Three of us arrived at the hostel, met two of the girls from Sligo
  • Opened the Bucks Fizz and sat outside.
  • Wondered when the hippy in the kitchen would stop singing.
  • Walked into Dingle for of mussels, chips & beer
  • Embarrassed the bride-to-me by recalling her old boyfriends
  • Fun Fair: Wisely sat out the Oscillator, but loved on the bumper cars
  • Went to the pub, listened to the band, drank vodka, soda & lime
  • Went to another pub and drank the €4 Malibu & Cranberries
  • Requested "Jolene" for the bride and danced violently
  • Walked to the nightclub, decided to save ourselves for the next night and went to bed

Coumeenole Beach, Dingle Peninsula

  • Walked to Dingle alone to buy breakfast
  • Got soaked to the bone on walk back. Refreshing.
  • Made breakfast of eggs, mushrooms and toast.
  • Drove out to Slea Head: passed my old Irish college Bean an Ti's house
  • Dipped our toes at Coumeenole Beach
  • Spotted man lying on his stomach with his head in a hole in the sand.
  • Refrained from visiting beehive huts after being told it's €4 each
  • Walked up Garraun Point: most westerly point in Ireland. Gorgeous.
  • Drove round the loop: bought body board with a dragon on the front
  • Met two others on Inch beach, writing abusive messages in the sand
  • Got in for a swim - felt like we were in the Discover Ireland ad
  • Didn't want to out of water, it was surprisingly warm!
  • Went for lunch in the Strand Cafe and had hot chocolate with Kahlua.
  • Back to hostel to meet the rest of the surfer girls from Sligo. Total: 9
  • Did mini-fashion shows of possible outfits, showered.
  • Drank Pims, vodka & soda, chatted in room, finished hairdos.
  • Headed into Fenton's for dinner of calimari, scallops, monkfish.
  • Played Mr & Mrs with the bride, gradually smothering her in headgear.
  • Went to the pub, distributed penis-straws to general public
  • Fit 20 people into the snug
  • Hazy: walked the streets with sparklers in hand
  • Danced even more energetically - in 5 inch heels, thankyouverymuch
  • Taxi. Bed.
  • Irish breakfast in Chowder cafe
  • Went back to hostel, took painkillers and napped.
  • Went sea-kayaking: saw Fungi the lone dolphin, cliffs and went into cave.
  • Three hours later: oddly enough, tired legs, arms not too bad.
  • Murphy's Burnt Caramel and Rum & Raisin ice-cream
  • Dawdled around fancy shops
  • SuperValu for dinner stuff
  • Shower, spliffs: felt like dinner took 3 hours to make
  • Sat outside at big tables, played Jenga, Post-its and drank vodka & orange
  • 1am: Went for a walk down pitch-black lanes and freaked ourselves out.
  • Bed.

Random dude gets in on the hen/snug action

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