Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome...

When I was 16, we had a program in my school called Co-operation North. Ten of us Catholic schoolgirls went to Bangor, NI for a weekend, and ten of the Proddy Nordy girls came and stayed in each our houses for a weekend.

The Nordy girls came down to Dublin first. Of course, the weekend basically comprised of us going out and getting drunk. When we went up to meet them in their school our uniforms looked like habits (the Nordies wore their skirts really short) and some of them hissed at us in the hallway. Then ten girls we knew were lovely, don't get me wrong. I couldn't stay in my "twin" Natalie's house because she was from a really Unionist area where the streets are painted with the union jack and her family was nervous of having me in the house.

We were planning to go out and get drunk there but were told we had to be careful where to go that night. We didn't really take it seriously. So we went to a nightclub and got hammered with the Bangor girls. My friend ended up snogging a guy on the dancefloor, who, when he realised she was from Dublin, turned and told her he was in the UVF. None of this fazed us, we thought it was kind of thrilling and hilarious. I remember having a massive loveydovey pseudo-political chat with a man and woman in a cubicle at one point. When we left the club, the whole town was milling with people. There were a few people beating massive drums and everyone was singing something. One of the girls sheepishly told us it was The Sash. I hadn't a clue what that was but she told us Dubs not to talk. We briefly lost our friend Gina in the crowd and found her by shouting out her name in Nordy accents. Brilliant night though.

Anyway, there was a gang of girls out to get us - they called us "Wee Taig Bitches".

It just struck me today that would be a COOL name for a band.


popps said...

Do you think it's different today?
years before you were 16 i was in Dingle and me and my mates - all English- had met up with some girls - all Irish - and after a couple of days together they were going to see a band.
When we started to tag along they said - better not.

Wowsers said...

I can't speak for Northern Ireland but no, down here it's not like that. As far as I know. Not at all.