Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Flouncy Flouncy

I went to to Sligo last weekend to stay with a good friend of mine who's been living there for five years now. She has a pretty sweet life - a massive house and massive dog, lives beside the sea, surfs regularly or takes their boat out for a spin, rides horses before work in the morning and has a regular supply of weed. It makes me a little nauseous and angry with envy.

Anyway, we went with her to her friend's 30th birthday party. Thinking it was the normal party-in-a-pub thing, I brought jeans and a slightly nice (only one hole!) t-shirt to wear on Saturday night.

However, her boyfriend set us straight as soon as we arrived and informed us it was going to be "huge" and about as glamorous as you can get in Sligo. Their friend, you see, is in a very successful boyband. Manband. Whatever.

So on Saturday morning we hit the town to look for new things. After scouring all the usual spots, I finally got a check out the charity shops and got a €4 matt-gold shrug thing and friend got a dress for €8, which she ended up wearing that night. I love charity shops. Can't get into TKMaxx, but I love charity shops.

We went to the party and all the manband dudes were there. Minikins, is what how we would refer to them - they are all teeny. At the party where there was a FREE bar! I was very excited by this but tried not to show it. My composure fell after a few vodkas though. I actually had a sore waist the next day from all the dirty dancing I did. I also got very stroppy with the DJ and told him he was "SHIT". Oh dear.

Anyway, before all that obnoxious crap, when they wheeled out the party snacks, I texted my sister. "Westlife Party: Free bar and crab claws - brilliant!"

She texted back "Amazing. Is it like Flying Without Wings?"

It was. It truly was.

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