Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Bought One Day by David Nicholls in Tesco on Saturday evening (party time!).

Brilliant: Laughed aloud, bawled and couldn't put it down til it I finished it. Now I'm going to read Starter for Ten - it's got James McAvoy it it!

Just googled the reviews and someone said it reminded them of the last lines of this wonderful poem.

The Mower by Philip Larkin

The mower stalled, twice; kneeling, I found
A hedgehog jammed up against the blades,
Killed. It had been in the long grass.

I had seen it before, and even fed it, once.
Now I had mauled its unobtrusive world
Unmendably. Burial was no help:

Next morning I got up and it did not.
The first day after a death, the new absence
Is always the same; we should be careful

Of each other, we should be kind
While there is still time.

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