Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Before one of my bestest friends moved to Vancouver last year, we had a girly evening of pampering.

We brought our collections of miniature sample sized stuff and expensive and not-so-expensive products. Some of these were quite old, having been "saved" and rationed for a number of years. We tried about 3 face masks and about 7 face serums/oils/cremes and massaged our faces into oblivion and we ate M&S oatmeal flapjacks. It was lovely.

Anyway, this is what I've learned about face masks. The hard way.
  • DON'T put banana on your face. I had a reaction to it.
  • OR HONEY. It's just too messy.
  • Homemade oats-and-water masks are great. Just be aware that you will look like someone vomited directly onto your face. This is me, just hanging out in my room:

  • DON'T make a hair treatment from food. Especially if it involves eggs. Or olive oil. Or honey. Or banana.
  • This stuff is really good:

Ri na Mara Face Mask

There are so many beauty products, thought I should put it out there when something actaully works quite well.

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