Saturday, January 02, 2010

Twelve Intentions

1. Exercise More
Yeah, I know it's a TOTAL cliche. I'm not going to promise to start running or anything. I love being outside walking and if I feel like breaking into a jog, then all the better. If it happens, it happens. I will be going to classes and swimming in the new local leisure centre too, especially during my unemployed February. I intend to increase my drunken dancing exercise quotient also.

2. Get Some Money
Yeah, I'm on the dole but for how long? And I need more than that. I have to pay €1000 to Dublin Business School. I have to pay for my beloved car. I have a small loan. I'm going to London in March (to see An Evening With David Sedaris!). I want to do another course in September. I want to buy myself art and books and clothes and cosmetics and new glasses.

And yeah, I really should start putting savings into my credit union account. So I'm going to do the smart thing and start playing Winning Streak.

3. More Productive Internet Usage
By this I mean discover new and interesting things, educate myself and find wonderful new music. And write better blog posts.

4. Buy New Glasses
If they suit me, these ones:

5. Become A Well-Groomed Lady
Get waxed regularly, file and moisturise nails, get haircuts (from actual hairdressers), cut toenails, improve posture.

6. Save To Travel
I really want to visit New York, Asturias in Spain, Annie Proulx America (Montana, Wyoming, Colorado), Argentina and Trinidad.

7. Lose More Weight
I want to - no, I WILL lose more weight! In your face, St. Agur!

8. Make More Things
Food, clothes, art, jewellery. Finish knitting that scarf I started over a year ago.

9. Frame and Hang Prints.

10. Join a Charity
I haven't been able to decide on one, but I think I'm gunning for Alone.

11. Be a Better Communicator
Respond to voicemails, texts and emails promptly.

12. Wear matching underwear
Okay. That's a bit over-ambitious really.

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