Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I looked up what I had written on this day last year and this list was in my drafts:

Glas Vegas
The All-Ireland Talent Show
The Angelus
Mass on Sunday
Capital D
A Litte Bit Showband
Ear to the Ground
Would You Believe?
Podge and Rodge

It's a list of programmes I CANNOT BELIEVE are made and shown on Irish television, for various reasons. Have you SEEN Nationwide lately? It's bizarre. I sort of like having these programmes on though. Quiet TV.

I like The Angelus too. One minute of ringing bells at 6pm every day. It seems like such an Irish thing to have the news at 6.01pm.


Lillie said...

I wish you would come visit to watch HOARDERS, HALF-TON MOM and 500 POUND VIRGIN with me! Oh, and the show about the mormon family with 15 kids.

Wowsers said...

Oh Channel4 is amazing for that here - on UK telly. We get Hoarding docs and things like The Fattest Man in Britain and Extreme Breastfeeders.

I don't know if you can watch online on but if you can, watch One Born Every Minute. It is INCREDIBLE. In a good way.

Wowsers said...

I think 500 Pound Virgin was on the TV here.

There was something called Is Oral Sex Safe? the other night. Lily Allen's brother's girlfriend "investigated" the issue. Didn't watch.

Oh there's a series called 'Embarrassing Illnesses' on Channel4 too. I tuned into one episode and there was a lady who willingly went on tv to have her bum examined for "excess hair". Seriously. They were spreading her cheek and fluffing the tufts.

Wowsers said...