Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Where Do I Start

  • Stop buying everyone presents
  • Buy remaining presents
  • Go to WeightWatchers tomorrow
  • Actually follow WW.
  • Swop coffee and normal tea for herbal tea
  • Buy sweeteners for coffee and normal tea.
  • For God's Sake, renew your license you idiot.
  • Buy oil sprayer in Aldi as a matter of urgency.
  • Return vodka to friend
  • Call ex-boss like I said I would
  • Start making gingerbread hearts
  • Start sending Christmas cards
  • Buy sisters birthday present
  • Return mother's Christmas present
  • Apply for driving test
  • Study. Once.
  • Do college project now instead of Yuletime.
  • Finish 3-weeks-overdue interview transcriptions that I could be paid for by now.
  • Collect dole. Who do you think you are, leaving it hanging out in the Post Office.
  • Stop spending money
  • Start saving money
  • Buy boyfriend curtain and curtain rail
  • Pay college fees
  • Go to Combat Aerobics on Thursday evening
  • Start rollerblading! Research flat smooth local areas.
  • Join non religious, choral, spiritual or sacred singing class or group.
  • Go to fucking sleep


BSH ADMIN said...

I really want to start rollerblading too! I wish you lived in NY-- we would have so many ridiculous activities to do together.

popps said...

.wake up
.have breakfast
.move to New York

Wowsers said...

I can't WAIT to go skating but I'm so glad I have someone to accompany me and look stupid with.