Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Buyers Block

He's just after taking me away here for the weekend in the flipping PENTHOUSE! It was very nice.
  • Saturday: we went for a few drinks and I got fairly tipsy fairly fast.
  • Sunday: had a massive breakfast, walked around Limerick, ate a lot of chocolate, went to King Johns Castle (shhhh: kind of boring). Limerick was bigger and grander than I imagined. It's got a lot of Georgian buildings like Dublin. Then I smoked a joint on the balcony in the foggy evening and had a huge bubble bath.
  • Yesterday: stole the L'Occitane mini-products, of course. Then we explored a burnt out house and some spooky old crumbling buildings from the 1800's and found a load of bones in the woods. We were hoping to find a ghost in the pictures, like they do on those "actual photographic evidence of the supernatural" television programmes but no joy.

So far all I can think of for his Christmas present is a ticket to the Brian Jonestown Massacre (who aren't playing until next May) and a feather duvet. I'm pretty sure he has zero interest in the merits of duck-down.

It's not looking good.

1 comment:

BSH ADMIN said...

a. It's not stealing if the products are in your room. I would argue that it's not even stealing if you nab some off the maid's cart in the hallway.

b. Those are both very nice presents. Don't stress!