Sunday, December 27, 2009

Again, a post I wrote last year and didn't publish. Christmas 2010 was a variation on the previous year, not very different. Next year, I have decided, I am going away on the 26th/27th to somewhere very hot with a beach or very cold with snow.

Jan 2010:

So Christmas Day - or Shitmus Day, as myself and my sister used to call it - has passed.

We do mostly the same thing every year, and the repitition part is nice.
We woke at 9.30am, and looked through our stockings. We still get them. Some years we cant find them but we will get a plastic bag instead. In mine this year was the usual chocolate coins, socks, knickers, satuma and bath salts. I ate the coins straight away.

Then I went to my sisters room to compare loot and snooze for about 15 mins. After that we all converge in the living room, fire lit, for tea and croissants and presents. We remember Timmy, our dead cat, who used to love making himself comfortable on the discarded bits of wrapping paper on the floor.

The rush for the shower and then get dressed, conferring about which belt to match with the dress. Me, my mum and my sister all wore dresses, black belts and black cardigans. Head to my
elderly uncles to talk to various neighbours and distant relatives. In the space of 18 months my youngest aunt and her son, my 33 year old cousin are now gone. Her husband - who we have diagnosed with Aspergers and the remaining 29 year old son are across town, eating boiled eggs for their Christmas dinner.

Then to another elderly relative, my 75 year old godmother and aunt, stuck at home with her amazing South African carer. My aunt's is deaf with Ménière's so we shout a lot.

Home for an hour. Quick game of Bananagrams. Take the dog for a walk. Go to the closest aunts for dinner. 11 of us in total: my family, their family and a friend of my cousin. There's something very odd about the friend. We daren't ask why she's spending Christmas with us and she's not exactly forthcoming. She seems drunk although she's not. We eat 2 meats, 7 types of vegetables, 3 choices of desserts.

We retire to the living room and have a quick game of Articulate before the longest game of Post-Its in the history of the whole wide world.

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