Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Your Shites Are Very Tiny*

I had an interview for the first time in a long time last Friday and my God, it was horrendous. I was asked to give an oral presentation. It did not go well. I would classify it as "repetitive, awkward rambling" rather than "presenting".

I forgot the word 'prioritise' and there were terrible, terrible moments of silence. I didn't have an answer for one of the questions - my mind actually went blank. Didn't stop me from waffling on though, oh noooo.

The absolute worst part, though, was before the interview even started. I was given an A4 piece of paper with an article and had to read through it looking for spelling mistakes, grammatical or punctuation errors. Which I thought would be fine except I could find BARELY ANY - like, two! And the boss who was interviewing me stood nearby waiting for me to finish. Cold sweats thinking of it.

Phew! It's all over now. I'll put it down to practice, getting back in the game and all.

*My dad mixed up the T and S when he said this to my mum once. We refer to it twice a week on average.


BSH ADMIN said...

Seriously, the only interview I've ever done well on was for a job I didn't want, and they didn't offer it to me anyway.

So. That was meant to be encouraging.

popps said...

what was the job?

Wowsers said...

BSH: But surely you've been interviewed for your current job? Surely?

Or do you rely on other "talents" to get your foot in the door now?

Wowsers said...

BTW, the job was a maternity leave (3 month) position of Marketing Officer for an arts org...