Friday, November 20, 2009

My Number One Crush. Ever.

I am staying up late watching Amy Sedaris on youtube. I just LOVE that woman. I could watch/listen to her for hours and sometimes I do! I've watched all her vids on youtube several times now - She is wired to the moon, totally genuine and the quickest wit ever. Sigh. I really am slightly obsessed.

I've also been addicted to listening to everthing David Sedaris has ever written. I think I just want to BE a Sedaris. Or at least befriend them. I MUST KNOW THEM!


BSH ADMIN said...

I want to be a close family friend-- but not actually related to them. I mean goodness, those parents were NUTS.

BSH ADMIN said...

Do you have Amy's book? It's wonderful!

Wowsers said...

I haven't got her book but have been eying it up on Amazon. I downloaded the audio but it's nothing without the pictures.

You're right about their family - I just want to be CLOSE to them. If that's wrong I don't want to be right.

Lillie said...

Yeah, it's all about the pictures-- i'm not even sure why they sell the audio?