Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where's Wowsers?

My friend made a video. I'm in it - can you spot me!? I think he did a wonderful job. I'm not crazy about the song. However, I think he actually manages to make it sound better!I think it's hilarious to watch if only for the memory of Ger shouting "Go on, girls, whore it up!" at us whilst filming, with the little old biddy who runs the hotel was hovering, mortified, behind him.

Feel free to leave a nice comment for him!


BSH ADMIN said...

on the couch in red shoes?

popps said...

Hmm, well....definitely not the one with the guitar.
How long is Where's Wowers competition open?

Wowsers said...

No competition involved and I'm deffo not saying who I am in this but I am not wearing red shoes. Only whores wear red shoes, didn't you know?