Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Should I go or should i go?

I'm thinking of quitting my job. I know it sounds crazy. And ungrateful. And crazy. I have absolutely no savings. Buuuuuuuut I also don't have a mortgage, no kids or dependents. I'm living with my parents again anyway, which is just wonderful...

I've worked there for over two years now. After two months I hated it and called my ex-employer for my job back. But I decided I'd suck it up. I'd stay for a year. It would be super-tough but then I'd be out of there. And here I am, like a fool.

My boss, who I work with in very cramped quarters believes that she is a liberal, straight-talking, sweethearted, open-minded, supremely intelligent, has an amazing figure and is pretty damn irressitble. I know this because she has told me. Some quotes, off the top of my head:

  • "I walk fast and talk fast. People sometimes find it hard to keep up with me" - Please. This is a favourite phrase, which I first heard whilst we walked to the shops, side by side.
  • "You could do with losing a stone and a half" - This was to a colleague last week who is a very slim, fit woman. Seriously.
  • "Are you on medication for your skin? Why not?" - To a colleague, in front of several.
  • "See, you wouldn't really understand, you don't have children. - This was said to a manager who can't have children. We weren't talking about ANYTHING to do with children.
  • "I don't trust that cleaner. He's just too comfortable in here. I'm certain he's going to steal something. I have a sixth sense about these things" - Said this week. The cleaner in question happens to be a Muslim man from "one of those feckin Arabic backwards places".
  • "You see, you should really be avoiding saturated fats and eating more fruits and veggies" - Personal, unsolicited advice. She went on to list various fruits and veggies, good fats and bad fats etc.
  • "You should always wear make-up. You look so different! Sooo much better!" - Thanks again.
  • She claims that where we work should be "accessible to all, from every background". But she screens where the children who visit us are from and puts an asterisk and note beside random groups from areas she considers "dodgy".
  • She makes "subtle suggestions" to her skinny eleven year old daughterto lose wait. Like telling her to stop eating potatoes (?). It's important because "once a woman gains those fat cells they will never disappear, only shrink".
  • Apart from her awful personality, she is a horror to work with. We try to keep her away from customers, clients and suppliers because often just meeting her a couple of times has resulted in them ceasing to work with us.
I'm realising how long it takes me to decide to make a break. Maybe it's loyalty or optimism but it's just pointless. By trying so hard, trying to satisfy and please and make things right for others I have lost what I need.

I feel like I've done my time. I've learned my lessons. I've been miserable for over two years. It's time to get out.

Am I crazy to leave?
Don't answer that.


popps said...

Hi, you said don't answer that so .......
so instead here's a question.
Why would you want to stay near this person any longer?

K said...

I know! She's horrific. I thinking of handing in my notice next week...

Thanks though. I'm working myself up to it!