Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh! The Things I've Worn

Some horrific clothing I have loved and lost....

Age 17:
A white long-sleeved cotton (granny-style) thermal vest I bought in a charity shop and wore it. To a party. I thought it was pretty and what they might call "vintage" these days. It was my friends 18th birthday party in her parents house and I got hammered on jelly shots. I actually hoovered the remaining melted jelly off the serving plate through a straw. I have never lived it down. My friends have seen me in some bad states but apparently that top was unforgivable.

Age 20:
A skirt I made from an old green floral tablecloth. When I wore it people would either
a) Stare at it and then ask, "Is that a tablecloth?"
b) Not notice it. I would then point it out and proudly tell them I had made it myself from a tablecloth.
I still have it and threaten to wear it again someday. I fancy it's very Cath Kidston.

Age 16:
A brown rabbit fur coat. The lining was falling out, it was shapeless, didn't close and was about 40 years old. It's still in the attic. I remember people lecturing me about wearing fur when I wore it. My attitude was "Well, I didn't kill it. It's been dead a very long time." I think it cost me about £5 in The Big Whiskey (long gone) in George's Street Arcade.

Age 13:
To my first disco in CBC Boy's Monkstown I wore the oddest outfit, comprised almost entirely of my mother's clothes. I wore a pair of navy Eclipse jeans, a denim shirt (unbuttoned, I think) and a red ruched scoop-neck body top. I'm still baffled. But slightly better than my friend who wore her mother's ankle-length black leather jacket.

Age 10:
On holiday in Florida, we stopped in a 'mall' and my parents bought the three of us Reebok boot runners. We ran up and down for about an hour amazed at their bounciness.
I was also treated to an outfit in Gap which I feckin loved: navy and white polka-dot leggings and a long white shirt with navy trim around the collar and cuffs. I used to wear the shirt buttoned right up the top, with my leggings and Reeboks and some slouchy socks and I thought I was THE BIZNESS.

Age 15:
Grey and pink Buffalo platform runners. Jesus those things were heavy. I would usually wear these with my ginormously wide jeans and an old zip-up adidas top. I believe I had the front bits of my hair dyed red at the time, giving me the short-lived nickname Captain Scarlett.

Age 14:
Snakeskin heeled loafers. Best bargain ever. Very high stacked heel. Loved them so much I wore them until the heels actually wore down and the snakeskin puddled on the floor. Not that you could see that, with my long flares trailing along behind me.

This is like regressive therapy. I must stop now before I have a frumpy breakdown.


popps said...

We need photographic eveidence!!

Orla said...

I had yellow and magenta boot runners I used to wear them with purple Pepe jeans shorts, I still marvel at how super awesome I was.