Saturday, July 11, 2009

In Limbo

So I broke up with my boyfriend of six years 4 weeks ago. I'm living in my boss's house while she's on holiday. I'm very glad of the time and space to myself. Although I let myself into her house at 1am last night and stood shock-still in the hall for 10 minutes, convinced that someone had fooled the alarm and was waiting to attack me upstairs.

Going grocery shopping is hard. Making dinner, I keep remembering all my spices and store cupboard stuff. The prawns I have in the freezer. I want my food back!

I have to go back and take the rest of my stuff away. Pictures on the walls, my cds, the jeans I never wear that I left in the wardrobe.

The more time that passes, the less sure I am of what I'm doing.

I'm still looking for two bedroom houses to rent with him...why??

And I just read this blog post and it's made me think.


BSH ADMIN said...

Oh no! Are you ok? Thinking of you.

ps. If you want to take a restorative holiday to NY, you can TOTALLY stay with us.

K said...

Thanks for your nice comment. BTW you should be careful about what you say, I might show up on your doorstep. And yes, I know where you live.