Saturday, March 21, 2009

What'll We Do Baby? Sha la la la

I watched the big match tonight with my boyfriend and his sister. After 6 years together, I can truly and I feel, justifiably, say that I dislike her intently. I try not to hate her. It's difficult.

I can just about manage with this. I have. But I dread the thought of my friends meeting her. Some very good friends met her last year, which was great in the sense that they could now empathise with me - and they knew I wasn't making her up, or exaggerating how awful she is to be around.

Marriage and weddings aren't things I think about often. But the thought struck me tonight, and not for the first time, that I don't know if I could marry my boyfriend simply because she would have to be there. On the Big Day - meeting my family and friends. Or rather, baffling and insulting my family and friends, and ruining the day. I think I would consider banning her from it. Her other brother got married in May '07, and they have only just resumed talking since then. She was rude to her brother's new father-in-law and refused to apologise for a year and a half.

I find being around her hugely, intensely stressful. And I have enough fucking bitches in my life already.

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