Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Post

So. Here I am.
Someone told me recently that I should sit down and start writing, and basically see what happens. Good God.
Little nervous about that, slightly distrustful of the anonymity of blogs. Will start by posting about things I like. Wonder where this will go.
As I write that I imagine myself in a couple of years with a few Bloggies under my belt, living off my heavily-suscribed site in some seaside beach house. People all over the world will read my ramblings and over-pay me to do it. I will be famous without losing my privacy and be able to do whatever the hell I want.
This is a typical case of my imagination getting in the way. I will try to write more than 5 times and not be put off by my lack of fan mail. What am I doing this for? Myself. But other people could be reading. Weird.

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popps said...

Keep going.